Random Heroes Review – Heroes Entering Random Doors

Oct 31

There is this unexplainable charm in bit graphics platformer games on handhelds that draws gamers like moths to a flame. Random Heroes totally reminded us of the retro classics like Mario World 2.0 or Sonic the Hedgehog. However, the question is, can Random Heroes match the benchmark set by its predecessors?

Taken place at what seemed to be an European city, the game feels very much like Super Mario on a gloomy day where the brothers decided to have a shave and collected enough coins to buy some swag costumes along with a couple of guns. However, unlike Super Mario, Random Heroes has no princess to rescue! Not even a gold fish or a fat man’s boogie in fact. Players simply kill a gigantic, kick ass, highly agile, molten spitting boss at the end of the game, which will explode into tons of coins as rewards.

However, the gameplay itself feels nostalgically refreshing. It is that kind of game which players do not need to read the tutorial. They simply fire them up, and know exactly what to do, where to go, and what to kill. Enemies are pretty awesome though. You have ghoulish ninja creepers, steroid plasma shooting zombie, futuristic flying droids, etc. Ninjas from the Kamakura-era, zombies from the apocalypse, and futuristic robots. Were we playing some time travel game?

Fat thumb carriers, you may want to pay more attention to the following paragraph. The controls were pretty annoying. As Random Heroes is quite a pacey game from the start, players on iPhone and iTouch may find the buttons too cramp. Especially those with chunky thumbs, you better get one of those “thumb funnels” if the Japanese ever invents them. However, if you are playing this game on an iPad, the dexterity isn’t comfortable enough to avoid those mini heart attacks at some points. The monsters move pretty quickly and players start off with only 3 health.

So 3 health and fast moving monster doesn’t sound too bad for on-boarding?  Well, the basic creep takes eight hits to kill with the basic weapon. EIGHT, BLOODY, SHOTS! Who could have expected that? The on-boarding was something, which we at gameographics, were a little disappointed. Usually games starts off with something fair and simple with the idea that, “it is impossible for players to lose at this level”.  Usually, enemies at this stage will combust and melt under the slightest touch of the imbal newbie. However, Ravenous Games Inc felt quite different. Because after an unrealistic number of shots for the first monster, players may start to think if this is a destroyable monster, or simply a dynamic obstacle which players have to leap over. So noob gamer wannabes, perhaps with this game, you have a legitimate reason for getting your ass owned in the early stages.

Hence, given your short hp and unrealistically hardy enemies, it isn’t easy to earn coins. But the graphics keeps you going and motivated. The costumes were not only unique to one another, but they have different stats to help players get through various stages too. As all we may feel that agility might not be the most important stats because the key issues here are survivability and damage, wait till you battle the boss. You have to tap so fast, you feel like you can play the guitar! Neo costume is highly recommended. Good health, high agility and awesome damage.

Random Heroes is one game that you may want to invest in a Dr.Dre. The music is phenomena. It fits the art style totally and it has this cool groove to make you feel like a real hero. The sound effects remind players of the best times with cartridge handheld consoles. We were totally impressed that it we switch the game on during working hours instead of the local radio station. Great stuff!


Random Heroes is without a doubt a must have. The game does lack uniqueness, which is a common flaw in many games, but all the other elements do make up for this component. The key-winning factor in this game has to be the graphics. We have witnessed first hand how graphics alone had motivated us to hunt down miserably stingy monsters just to equip cooler looking costumes.

Graphics- 5/5

Sound- 5/5

Playability- 4/5

Originality- 3/5

Overall- 4.25/5




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  1. Miguel /

    8 hits to kill the first mob? Thanks for the warning!

  2. Sasuke /

    Would like to see more “heroes” with different weapons in the game


    In Random Heroes, the boss fight makes you a pro keyboardist. I played this on my iPad, rested my iPad on the desk and tapped the controls like a keyboard.

  4. Gameboy /

    Great game! Brings back the good o days of platform gaming.

  5. As nostalgic as any Super Mario game goes

  6. The graphics are nice. The characters are cute too!

  7. Jodic84 /

    Gameographics on bit-art spree? Or is this the rising trend?

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