Ninja Training School

Aug 20

One day, I got kinda curious about the origins of ninjas and how they progress to what they are today.

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  1. Miguel /

    Sounds like a M18 game suddenly.

  2. I love Fruit Ninja!

  3. XBOX360 PWNS PS3 /

    I remember this game actually helped my gran parents with their dexterity . Now that is what a ninja is all about :)

  4. Danny Teo /

    *Re-appears*, time for refund. My Ninja course is now outdated.

  5. Naruto /

    “I’m not going to take back my words” – naruto’s quote

  6. bigfkinape /

    I would like to see a ninja try to smash a freshly picked Durian fruit with his face. lol

  7. It took me quite awhile to get it actually :(

  8. Charizard /


  9. Kelly Banet /

    Hey, thanks to fruit ninja, the discipline has gone global! *Poofs!*

  10. Jason /

    Thats too cheap for the ultimate ninja skill. And a little too fun too. Now those who watched Kungfu Panda gonna be so sad for him.

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