Master of Dungeon Review– Reviving Sprite Art RPG

Sep 20

Master of Dungeon (Plus), developed by Play Bean CO. LTD, is available on iTunes for $3.99. It is an action and role playing game that promises a lot of fun. The question is if it delivers or miserably fails? Let’s find out! Another

The story is very simple. You are an adventurous hero who has to save the world that depends on a tree, which is in danger. You must fight the evil to maintain harmony in the world. With your hidden potential you must defeat the baddies and come out on top. Fair enough!

Before moving on to other things, we’d actually like to congratulate the makers for the exceptional graphics. The game has true HD graphics and you get the feel of a high standard game. The makers score full points here. Their efforts have truly paid off. I am sure a lot of people would give it a try just because of the sharp colors and attractive graphics used in the game. Bravo!

Now, the game play… you are in a dungeon and have three classes to choose from. The makers claim it to be an endless battle – I wonder why? – What is the point if the battle is endless? Personally, I do not really like the no-end games. They make no sense to me. Anyhow, the three options that one has include:

Warrior: Fights the evil with his sword and uses his shield to guard himself.

Assassin: He counts on traps and must lead his enemy to the trap location. His agility is his biggest asset.

Wizard: This one is really interesting. He can attack long distance with his magical tricks. We had the most amount of fun as a wizard.

The game has a maximum character level of ‘999’, which is the talk of the town. You will obtain bonus points and more power once you level up, which is harder than it sounds.

The game has a maximum character level of ‘999’, which is the talk of the town. You will obtain bonus points and more power once you level up, which is harder than it sounds.

The game brings in some new things, such as a trading system that allows players to trade their items online. The game also packs in a unique feature with which players can create their own gears. Both these features are distinctive and allow players to have real control. Nice addition team.

Oh, how could I forget to mention it? Makers have also promised a very unique feature in this one. If you think you are going to cheat your way, then beware! As per the makers, you will be banned if you try any inappropriate or hacking tricks. This is a very good step in the right direction.

The controls are very simple and cover almost a quarter of the screen. The game uses a unique pad that looks really good and is easy to control. The remaining buttons are on the right side. From this perspective, the game also scores. The sound is also of exceptional quality. It sounds borrowed from one of the famous Hollywood flicks, but goes well with the game.

So much of the ‘goodie goodie’ stuff. It is finally time to pin point the things that stand out like a sore thumb. For starters, the dialogues are very plain and repetitive. They could’ve been better.

Another problem that actually takes away a lot of good things from the game is the fact that it has several bugs. If you visit the official page, you will see that the makers were offering unique gifts to everyone who suffered from this problem. According to them, the bug has been fixed. However, we still had problem. Our game crashed quite a few times and we also suffered from lagging. Please let us know about your gaming experience so that we can look into the matter.


Overall, it is an interesting game. Its game play and graphics are its biggest strengths, but it suffers poorly because of the bugs. Buy it only if you are sure that the bugs have been fixed, because it wouldn’t be worth it otherwise.

Warning: The rating is based on the fact that the bug would be completely fixed, as promised by the makers. Keep checking the page for more updates regarding it.

Graphics- 5/5

Sound – 5/5

Playability – 3.5/5

Originality – 3/5

Overall – 4.25/5

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  1. Tim Downing /

    The combo this game gets to link up is totally sick. The long cool down period keeps things in check though. For players who enjoys the range advantage of a mage MAY get a little disappointed here.

  2. Kristian Jones /

    This game puts Zenonia into serious competition. Game on!


    Players may get annoyed at the start due to its dark setting. It takes a while before it feels better. But after u get past that stage, great game. :)


    Playing as sin reminds me so much of ragnarok.This game doesn’t have your insane 15 hours gameplay addiction though. Good game to play, but not great.

  5. Kelly Banet /

    HD Graphics? Good graphics I would say. Cannot really tell if it is HD. #fail

  6. Classic 3-races game. Will like to see more unique classes in future though. Something like Demon Witch from D3 will be good!

  7. Micheal /

    Interesting post. But the player in the video kinda sucked ya? Look at all the combo misses. pfft!

  8. Eddie Rodmund /

    The warrior, by default, is the most unpopular class, and still is in this game.


  9. Jake Erikson /

    Looks like any other sprite rpg. No big deal =/

    • Correct me if I’m wrong, but this game looks just like every other Cafe World clone (plus the Cupcake Creator?) I thought this cmanopy actually did something inventive, but all I see is failure and then a success by copying a tested recipe. What am I missing here?

  10. Awesome game!! Love action rpg game :D

  11. RPGs never get old.

  12. It still has the bug? Can anyone update me on that please?

  13. I am not a huge fan of such games actually. I have huge fingers and I hate straining my eyes.

    BUT! Given the review, I shall give this game a shot.

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