LINX Review – The Tetris of Today’s Age

Sep 16

I believe most of us above the age of 25 remember the old Tetris days. We have seen people crowding around Tetris arcade machines, hogging and snatching the handheld Tetris game from friends and family. Years have passed and we were constantly wondering would there be another game that took the world like Tetris controlled our lives back then?

Introducing LINX, a game created by Ectivise for Windows tablet! And like Tetris, the beauty of the game is that it doesn’t need any storyline to make it attractive. The ingenious mechanics that operate this game is itself, a literature.

The game is a little difficult to grasp for starters. But once you get it, you will be so engrossed, that you even paying for fast food delivery is a hassle for convenient lunch.

Players start the game with two L-shape blocks on the screen. Players need place another L-shape block to form a 2 by 3 rectangle. To place another L-shape block, you will need to pick one of the three choices provided. Unlike Tetris, you will not be able to change the orientation. The piece that completes the formation will change to another color while the rest will be destroyed, giving you points and stars.

Strategy is an obvious element in this game. Because you will only be given three options to pick from, limiting the range of colors on the screen is the obvious solution to the longevity of the gameplay. As the level of the colors increase, the rewards scale accordingly. Players can create chain combo by linking up different series as a result of a very placed block. Those who are familiar with Puzzle Fighter will find this concept nostalgic.

As I venture further into the game, I realized that fans of puzzle and brain teasing games would embrace LINX as their new platform to conquer. I was telling myself,” Screw Sudoku, forget about Unblock!” With the full palette of 256 levels of colors, this game is capable of many hours of engagement. Furthermore, depending on your decision at every step and the randomness of block placement players are started of with, the game is capable of taking many directions.

The graphics involved nothing more than colored primitive L-shape blocks, which amplifies the simplicity and elegance of this game. I was privileged enough to play the prototype of this game, hence, more compelling graphical effects can be expected during launch. But the interface alone is self-explanatory, allowing players to quickly make sense out of the whole concept despite the initial inertia presented.

One of my favorite things about LINX is that they track tons of player data and compete them across different demography. It breaks things down very nicely regardless if players were interested in pitting himself up against the world, or simply out to continuously break his own records. If this game develops further into creating a tighter social fabric, this game may itself, create their own Xbox Live by incentivizing players with different statuses and premium achievements.


This game will craft a brand new genre to what we have already been so well pampered with.  LINX is without a doubt, one of the original games I’ve played so far that beauty does not need to rely on top-notch graphics. Already so well pampered with so many genres out there, it is really challenging to squeeze into an uncharted area. Puzzle fans, it is time to go crazy with this.

Graphics – 3/5

Sound – 3/5

Playability – 5/5

Originality – 5/5

Overall – 4/5


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  1. Gameboy /

    This game HAS to go on iOS! Come on developers!

  2. Stanley /

    It would be much better if there is video trailer for this game. I dont really understand the gameplay yet. And, most importantly, we need an iOS version, I dont have windows phone :(


    I DEMAND A VIDEO! I mean, if it is a new genre, shouldn’t there be a real-time tutorial to illustrate the gameplay? I kinda get it, but a video will be so helpful.

  4. Karen Dayna /

    Windows? What a niche market. But the game sounds interesting, really. And yes, I miss the arcade days.

  5. Joanne Bartner /

    Why must this post remind me of my age?

  6. The colors are appealing. But will the complexity be too tough for my kids?

  7. Jerry Hannis /

    WHY NO IOS?!

  8. Sounds like a game to me. I like puzzle game… but hey wait, I dont have windows phone…… arrrggggggggggg

  9. rastafar-aye /

    The blocks look yummy….

  10. Jerry Hannis /

    Wow, if it is on windows, what are the chances of me playing this game? Android PLEASE!

  11. Ahh.. the kind of game that gets my mind going. Now that is an addiction that I don’t mind having :)

  12. Imagine how anachronistic this game would seem if it finds its way to the iPhone 5 :)

  13. looks like a nice game to play while on the train to work! But I don’t have windows 8. Is it available on iOS?

    what happens when you reach 256 colors? i hope you can post a video, too.

  14. This game looks fun!

  15. Gameographics /

    UPDATES: Thanks Garion for the video :) It has been added into the post.

  16. Sally Melly /

    When will this game be out ?

  17. Cassandra Jane /

    i am excited just by reading. But the lack of ratings given got me quite skeptical. Hope this game launches soon!

    • Garion /

      Game has been launched officially with the release of Windows 8 worldwide. As long as you get a copy of Windows 8, you will be able to download and play for free. We have also recently updated the game with new features!

  18. Joanne Bartner /

    Wow! So what are the new features?

  19. Gameographics /

    To all Gamographics fans, this post has been updated based on latest news from LINX’s developer, Garion

  20. LINX is playable online now on major HTML5/CSS3 browser @

    Please give us your feedback!
    We are working hard to bring LINX native to other platforms.


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