Lego Build Your Brain Review – Training The Architectural Engineers Of Tomorrow

Aug 21

If there was ever a game that would keep your kids occupied for hours, it is definitely Lego Build Your Brain. This game is built on the same interactive principles as Life of George; the first interactive game the world has ever seen. If you would rather prefer your kids building brain power rather than demolishing your screen by playing Fruit Ninja, this is a game you have to get them to play.

The game is in fact not the first of its kind. It is a continuation of the LEGO series of games. Considering the amazing success of the first game, LEGO decided to release a second game. Lego Build your Brain is the second LEGO set game after Life of George.

So the real question is how do you play the game. The game has been built around a game show format and uses augmented reality to provide gameplay. You have to spin a colorful wheel in order to receive a challenge from the square-ish host (no pun intended my geeky brethren).

Once you receive a challenge, you have to build the block structure as fast as you can. You can complete the challenge on the mat or elsewhere. However, to complete the challenge, you will have to place your construction on the mat and take a picture of it.

If you are looking for a 3D LEGO game, you are going to have to look elsewhere because this game is amazingly 2D. Though, we can’t say much about the graphics engine running this game. I mean, the visuals are simple and clean.

If that is what the visuals were supposed to be like, it seems LEGO has done a very good job. I mean come on, the game is catered to children! One thing we will say though is that the depiction of the LEGO bricks is absolutely superb. LEGO has truly made full use of colors and this will show well on the Retina Display.

If you are trying to impress a 6 year old with Metallica, chances are that he or she will never be impressed. Be realistic, it’s a children’s game. The audio tracks have been designed to spark the interest of children and bring the game to life both visually and audibly.

The sounds used are attractive, fun, simple, and colorful and will have a child entertained for hours on end. Parents, you can thank LEGO later. We know we have.

The game has been designed to work flawlessly on any device running iOS 4.2 and above. The game has been thoroughly tested to ensure that no performance hindrance surfaces. Yeah right! Every game has a bug.

With Lego Build your Brain, it seems that the camera capture seems to be problematic for some users. When tapping the camera, it seems that some users get a scrolling symbol; signaling the improper use of the camera or a missing camera.

In terms of replayability, this game has a lot. It’s not just about completing all the challenges, it is about building it the fastest. If you want a real kicker, and have more than one kid, make them compete with each other. They will significantly enhance their experience and learning curve with the game by doing so. Oh, and it is probably be hilarious to watch the competition.


And there you have it ladies and gentlemen, and kids. This is one game that you have to try. It’s fun, it uses augmented reality (queue cheers), it will keep your kids out of your hair for hours. Oh happy days!

Graphics –  3/5

Sound – 3.5/5

Playability – 5/5

Originality – 4/5

Overall – 4/5



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  1. Johnny Delong /

    Reminded me of the time when i was really young and made my first car out of Lego!

  2. Big Bang Philosophy /

    Lego never dies… My childhood best friend!!

    • Immortal.. it just keeps evolving. From blocks to games. Next time, we’ll see real-life lego houses.

  3. James.M /

    Am I the only one who feels that Lego should go back to making their rpgs rather than this?

  4. rastafar-aye /

    This would be a very good game for my kid :)

  5. A simple yet challenging LEGO game. Should be an educational treat for kids.

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