He-Man Review- Blast From The Past

Mar 27

Gameographics has been notoriously known for comparing the current games with the classics and momentarily analyze how have things evolved over the years. But nothing can be as classic as what you are about to read here.

He-Man: The Most Powerful Game In The Universe. Yes, He-Man, the classic franchise that dubbed themselves as the master of the universe has created a power-pack hack and slash side scroller to grace the new age mobile game players. Still as scantily dressed as before, your hero prance around like a ballerina, slaying earth-shattering monsters that get in the way.

Older kids (Okay, middle-aged adults) would remember clearly how He-Man wield his power sword against his nemesis, Skeletor. Often being having his plans sabotaged by ironically a dumber Beast Man, the sparks flying manly showdowns often end up running around with just our underwears and our moms’ baking spatula.

Players get to choose to either play as He-Man or She-Ra. To stick to the classics, we have decided to stay faithful to He-Man and got him to represent the force of the universe.

The gameplay is pretty idiot-proof actually. Players move from side to side, slashing and hacking EVERYTHING that comes in the way. Every box, every pillar seems to contain collectables and power ups.  At the end of the each sub-level, depending on the performance, players will be rated 1 to 3 stars. And like all super hero game, and master of the universe, the savior of Eternia faces a boss at the last level of every stage. Sounds like a simple plot ya? But trust us, the heroic music that He-Man/ She-Ra dance to on their conquest will make you feel so good, even your muscles feel tighter at the end of the game.

However, this game doesn’t spare players from frustrations. The controls to this game is as painful as getting a blast from Man-At-Arms. To move forward or backward, players slide their thumbs at the left half of the screen. To execute an attack, the simply tap the right side of the screen.

So how is that painful?

Well, to make this chunky blonde ninja jump, players will have to slide upwards on the right side of the screen. So at times, you may want to do a jump-slash, but you end up doing double jumps and vice versa. It hurts so bad that you would sometimes want to tell He-Man to just retire from his throne, and let you be the master of the universe instead.

Another flaw in this game is in its inability to turn-around and attack in a single animation. As this is a 2d game, there are times far too common where players will be trapped with enemies dashing in from both ends. However, the game engine doesn’t sense that players are executing a backslash, but instead, split it up to two motions. We had our fair share of frustration. A share, too huge to swallow nevertheless.

However, there are many peripheral plus points that allowed players to be more forgiving for its flaws. The overall theme has been very consistent throughout. The brutality of the dialogues, the heroic music, war cries and art style have gave players a glimpse of how cartoon entertainment was like back in the older days.  With unrealistic blasting of boulders, lightning charged power sword, hurricane attacks, He-Man has relived some of our fondest old childhood fantasies once more.

Last but not least, we have never done this before. But for He-Man, we shall post a second video to thrill the fans out there!


Comparing to Punch Quest, a game of similar genre which we have covered previously, He-Man: The Most Powerful Game in the Universe is indeed much richer by leaps and bounds. Owing much to the successful franchise, it was easy to penetrate into the market where adults will gladly check it out, and will scramble use this game to bridge the generation gap between them and their kids. Controls aside, it was a joy to have brought back old-school classics back to the scene. This is indeed, ONE of the most powerful games in the universe.

Graphics- 5/5

Sound – 5/5

Gameplay-  3/5

Playability – 3/5

Originality-  5/5

Overall- 4/5



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  1. LOL.. epic song!! Ah, I never watch this cartoon before. I am too young..

  2. Miguel /

    We just need conan to complete the trio!

    This game is direct and straight forward. No reason for anyone not to understand how it works.

    But in terms of level of entertainment, the 2nd video to this review is way better.

    Thumbs down for me.

  3. Bebe Maine /

    She-Ra! Wonder why doesn’t she deserve a title on her own.

    Great colors btw. Super retro!

  4. iOS gamer /

    I do admit that the control can be quite a pain at the start. But it is nothing much to fuss about. I think this article is trying to over sensationalise matters.

    Great game- disappointing review.

  5. Quresma /

    First he is a ballerina, then a chunky blonde ninja. He-Man, how sissy can you get?

    Nice hair by the way :)

    Alright, to the game, the level of difficulty doesn’t really catch up to player’s mastery. Therefore, there is not much needs to get IAP. Just play the game, the free way :)

  6. Unihara /

    Looks like a classic PC game. It is such a pity that such games are becoming rare. I really hope there are some game developers out there who are dedicated to creating such retro titles. I believe there is a good niche market for this.

  7. Jon Klaus /

    Oh the music. How can anybody leave out their headphones for this?

  8. Robot vs Zombies /

    Prince Adam must be feeling lost in the mobile world. And he sure did put on some weight! :)

    And this against punch quest? He-Mans owns, hands down!

  9. JDK1985 /

    By the power of Grayskull!

  10. Veronica /

    I’ve just tried this game 2 hours back.

    And I’ve stopped playing an hour ago. It gets quite predictable towards the later part of the game. In fact, the most exciting part was running away from Beastman. I don’t quite recommend this unless you have a thing for He-Man.


    Looks too.. cheesy for my liking. Looks fun, but way too cheesy.

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