Flight Path Review– The Path You Shouldn’t Take

Sep 23

I do it seldom, but here I decided to give it away right in the title. Honestly, Flight Path is one game you should not have. There is nothing, and I mean nothing, about this game worth talking about. But, since it is my responsibility, I must try and write an unbiased review that gives my readers an idea about the game and why they should not play it. Ouch, now this one really hurts!

I generally like to start my reviews with good things before beginning with my rant. However, in this case, good things are hard to find, even when you use a microscope. Everything about this is objectionable for one reason or another.

I think I understand why the makers never decided to promote this one. Maybe they just realized that there was nothing worth promoting and had already given up. But, seriously, what wrong did we do to deserve such unmitigated junk?

The graphics are childish. They look more like a painting by a struggling teenager who could never score a B+ at school in that department. Very unimpressive work in that department. As far as the game itself is concerned, it offers three modes, namely:

Arcade: It allows you to improve your skills in 40 different modes. Well, the modes are different just for the namesake as nothing much changes and the game continues on the same, mediocre pattern.

Challenge: Here, you can challenge your friends in online mode and see who comes on top. Each challenge consists of different objectives to be fulfilled and whoever does it the quickest wins the game.

Puzzle: It is puzzling to me why they named this mode ‘puzzle’. Here, you have to move ahead by making sure that you do not crash into anything.

The game is about timing, collecting stars and saving your plane from crashing. When you collect enough stars, a new city is unveiled for you to play in.

The game is so difficult (pun intended) that they had to incorporate hints to guide you. Honestly, the game would’ve been easier and more fun had they polished the features. The overall feel that the game carries is just negative and fails to attract any good attention.

The plane moves with the movement of the phone. And I think this is a big flaw. It is very difficult to perfect the movement, or maybe it is just a bug? I just couldn’t get it right. I’d say that the makers didn’t plan it right. Not too sure where they were trying to go with this one.

The game also does not really seem to have any story as such. It is all about moving ahead and scoring points by winning stars. On the other hand, the sound is strictly okay.

I understand that I have been too harsh with my words, but I just could not control them. The game tests your patience, which is never a good thing. I tried my best to find something good about this game, but couldn’t.

I generally like to appreciate individual talent, but here it is hard to do. However, I sincerely hope that the seller will come up with something better in the near future to remove the dent that this mess of a game has caused.

It also has an In-App buying feature that allows you to remove the ads for $0.99. The game itself comes for free, thank goodness for small mercies. But, it isn’t of much value. The game is bad even if you don’t have to pay a single penny to get it.


Overall, there is a lot of room for improvement. Need I say more? It has poor graphics and irritating game play. Kids might initially like it, but eventually they will also notice the quality of the game that only goes downhill. It is a pathless flight that you should never take, because it is going to crash.

Graphics – 2/5

Sound – 2.5/5

Playability – 2/5

Originality – 2.5/5

Overall – 2.25/5


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  1. Jordan Ron /

    Wait, is this some kinda reverse psychology review to arouse our curiousity that will eventually churn out more downloads?

  2. Mike Richardson /

    Hey, my nephew really enjoyed this game though. The music is kinda catchy and I think the graphics fit a younger demography.

  3. Lol, deleted after 2 minutes of gameplay.

  4. It’s great that reviews are not only done for good games!!

  5. FAIL -_- /

    The game review is so honest that I cant help myself to try how bad this game is. My opinions are pretty much the same as the reviewer. The puzzle game is still acceptable though.

  6. Jacob Roft /

    To be fair, I think the graphics are really cute for little children. This is not the kind of games that gets u hooked for long, but it is great for grabbing little kids attention and keep them engaged for 5-10 minutes as u sort out some errands

  7. It is not polished by any standards but I think it can be a great concept to build on. These guys do have an idea, but the product is simply not ready yet.


    Okay, it sounds so bad, now I will like to give it a shot. THIS GAME DESERVES A SECOND CHANCE, I hope.

  9. Frankie /

    The only thing which I liked about the game is its bgm. Other than that, I agree with this review pretty much. Much more work bros.

  10. Kristy Dawn /

    This entry is freaking hilarious. Cut some slacks. I hope they didn’t burn too much cash on this.

  11. Jessie Lyn /

    Alright, keep the graphics style. I really love, honestly. But have it cell shaded instead. I think cell shaded graphics really appeal to younger players. Especially that u already got a nice background music to go along.

    Don’t lose heart! Work on the game play!

  12. rastafar-aye /

    Mayday! Mayday! this is Eagle one to Tower two. we are loosing altitude fast. We… KABOOOMMM!!!!!!! ………..zzt zzt…

  13. Maybe it’s not as bad as it looks. All it needs is a chance to show its flying colors, perhaps?

  14. That sounds pretty bad.

  15. Rachel Rockstar! /

    This game is.. so.. unique, I should say. Lol.

  16. Janice Andersons /

    Lol, this is so funny, I guess I will give it a shot!

  17. Arlene Richardson /

    The path I took, and regretted.

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