Eternity Warriors 2 Review: Knowing the Sequel

Sep 12

Eternity Warriors 2, sequel to the famous Eternity Warriors, is finally here. It is easily one of the most awaited games, and now that it is here, let’s see how it scores. Before we begin, we must inform you that the sixty MB download requires a Wi-Fi connection to be downloaded to your device.

The graphic of a man with still-flowing locks and scarred face instantly gives away the plot. The story is almost the same as the first one. The first warrior has died and now as the fighter of the Northern Udar, it is your responsibility to fight the regrouped gang of baddies that lives in the Demon Towers. But, let’s move from the story. The game never promised a unique storyline, so we shouldn’t complain about its absence. You should also be prepared to face the same storyline, just in case the makers decide to come up with a sequel to the sequel.

Moving on, what the game really banks on is the entertainment quotient. After all, this is what we play games for, right? You are there to kick the demons where it hurts the most and send them where they belong.

The controls are very simple thanks to the now famous D-Pad. A simple tap will attack the demon in sight and the options on the right side of your screen will give you other attack options. If you accumulate enough power, you can hit different and powerful moves. Reminds you of something? Yes, this isn’t completely new, but getting to smack the demons so quickly is definitely entertaining. We’d say they just earned an extra point here.

The HD graphics are a high point. The different viewing angles add much more to the game without affecting the play. The game takes place in deep, dark, scary dungeons full of demons that will fight tooth and nail to put an end to your story. However, you have to use weapons cleverly to kill them and continue the game. The game offers a wide range of weapons to choose from, but there is a bad side associated with it.

Like most games from the sellers, GLU Games Inc., this one also has the option for upgrades. After all, they need to make some money too. However, this gets irritating after a certain point. We didn’t have to face such major problem until level 12, when things started getting irritating. Every time you lose, you are reminded that you have the option to buy better and stronger weapons to fight against the notorious villains that you find difficult to beat. We must say that GLU Games Inc. lives to the expectations in this regard. Duh!


However, there is a good side to the bad story. Since most demons you fight are richer than you, you have the opportunity to steal their money.  Every time you kill a rich demon, you can pick the left coins and accumulate them to buy the upgrades you want.  Ah, a sigh of relief! Finally it’s time to turn into Robin Hood, who steals for himself.

The most unique thing is the fact that you can join forces with a friend to kick the monsters’… you know what. It adds certain freshness to the game and you don’t feel bored of having to play in the same dungeon. However, one big drawback is that the game does not allow much customization to differentiate between the two characters. Another fact that must be mentioned is that the option is available only in online mode, which only works with an internet connection.


Overall, Eternity Warriors 2 is a quick game that has a certain X-factor, which is missing from most recent releases. The sharp screen instantly catches your attention and you move on massacring the demons that would kill you otherwise. The game is fun and interesting to play; however, it has certain blemishes. We hope the makers realize how irritating the in-App buying gets after a point. Other than that and a weak class inclusion (in comparison with the first installment) this game has it all to make it to your device.

Graphics- 4/5

Sound- 3.5/5

Playability- 4/5

Originality- 3.5/5

Overall- 3.75/5

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  1. Mini D3 /

    This feels like a mini D3!

  2. Nicholas Roche /

    Now I am having a hard time picking between this and dungeon hunter.


    It looks a little too gloomy for my liking. I have bad vision and this is making it worse!

  4. Starcraft RUSH /

    I think the whole idea of excessive in app payment is really clouding the heads of glu. I can’t imagine students who have to pay for college loans playing this game for long.

    Oh well, perhaps thats the intention

  5. Lovely controls, It is a pity that I don’t have an ipad if not this game is gonna look so awesome. I really love how the monsters spawn and it fits the dark theme so perfectly.

  6. Sammie Girl /

    No way. Pure melee game?

  7. Park Kim-Yu /

    This is big all over Korea. You see people playing this game on the train, while attending church, during lesson, waiting for food to be served. Crazy!

  8. Too much in-app purchases. I didn’t even feel enough of the game to have a strong reason why should I make additional purchases. Bad move, very bad!

  9. Gameboy /

    I love Eternity Warriors 1! This has gotta be good!

  10. Great game I would say. The only thing I dont like is… although its free, but after you get hooked by the game, you will need to purchase the items/equipments (which cost real money) to progress on. Thus, sorry glu, not worth my time playing.

    Gangnam Style,
    Ah Ken
    Official Game Tester

  11. so cool!

  12. Was always a big fan of the first game. I wonder how beautiful this game will look in the new iPhone 5.

  13. Thanks for the review. I agree with almost everything. The screen is brilliant and like u mentioned, the in-App sucks

  14. I was obsessed with this game for the past few days. And when I wake up this morning, I didnt feel like playing anymore. Guess the free gameplay can only hook me up for 3 days.

  15. Paul Nodden /


  16. I was wondering if you could review robbery rob?

  17. Jerry Danho /

    This game is.. Bloody good. #punintended

  18. Bakebeans Clan FTW! /

    Is it just me, or it looks really painful to be fighting like this. How did he endure through all the spikes and slashes? Damn!

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