Do You Want to Be a Star?

Sep 19

Do you fancy having yourself immortalized in a mobile game that will potentially be played by millions of players around the world? That’s precisely what you can get if you become a contributor to Swag Soft’s upcoming game!

Swag Soft – a leading Singapore mobile app developer – is raising funds to market and put the finishing touches of perfection to their soon-to-be-released game called Pop Rockz World.

Pop Rockz World is an iOS multiplayer game that simulates the music entertainment industry. Players start off virtually unknown in Pop Rockz World. Along the long arduous road to stardom, they will have to bask in parks and take on gigs in pubs. When they finally gain enough fanship, they will be invited to perform at TV shows and grand stadiums to sell-out crowds. With fame comes money, and they can gradually afford snazzier threads, pretty instruments, fancy cars and swanky apartments.

Having had some degree of success with their previous game – Lamebo vs. Zombies – which received hundreds of positive reviews and hit the top charts of many countries, the guys from Swag Soft are looking to exceed Lamebo’s success with Pop Rockz World and prove that indie developers can give the big boys a run for their money.

“We need to raise some money to make our game as good as it can possibly be and to give Pop Rockz World the initial marketing push it needs to get noticed and go viral. We will be eternally grateful to any contribution amount, no matter or big or small, every bit helps.” says Aldric Chang, Managing Director of Swag Soft.

Swag Soft has chosen Indiegogo as one of their fundraising sources for its friendly easy-to-use platform and supportive community.

In return for their contributions, funders can choose from a range of rewards – ranging from credits to celeb caricature t-shirts, in-game premium currency and stats, having in-game items and characters named after them and more.

Visit if you would like to contribute to their cause.

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  1. Gameboy /

    Looks really cool! Hopefully cool Indie Studios such as Swag Soft gets good support!

  2. Jerry Richmond /

    Looks polished! Guess they will just need the final touches :) . All the best!

  3. I see LADY GAGA!

  4. One of the games that I will not gonna miss it. I am ready to be a star hehe.. Like the concept of the game!!!

  5. Evangeline Emby /

    Can we take a sneak peek at the postcard and certificate, pleaseeeeeeeeeee.

  6. HappyBoi /

    Looks good to me…

  7. This game had me at Katy Perry. With the release of the iPhone 5, it would be nice to be part of this game.

  8. Justin Bieber is among the female celebrities. #chucknorrisapproves

  9. Looks pretty cool!

  10. rastafar-aye /

    If they can add in some nice alternative rock music then I’m sold :) And maybe be able to change the settings into a more dystopian one with Radio Head’s Karma Police playing in the background… :)

  11. Micheal /

    Everybody wants to be a star! Hope this game gets the funds needed

  12. Kristy Dawn /


  13. Time to be the next justin bieber! #youcanneversaynever

  14. Dan Mckenny /

    Super star legend, HERE I COME!

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