Clash of Clans Review – Clash, Bash, Smash and Burn to Ash, This game has it All!

Sep 03

There are a few strategy games out there that can offer a whole different level of fun and hours of addictive gameplay. So addictive, you may need to plug in a charger to keep playing this game. Honestly, this has got to be one of the best strategy games I have played till date. It has every element you would expect from an amazing strategy game and then some.

In Clash of Clans, there really is no solid storyline to the game. It is a strategy game just like many except it is more focused on its multiplayer content, hence the name. In retrospect, the single player campaign may seem really short for many people The single player campaign pits you against the evil and tyranny of the Goblin King. You must amass a huge army in order to defeat him. When the word huge is used, believe me, you need a huge army! However, with a game titled Clash of Clans, you should expect massive multiplayer from the start.

If you had to summarize the gameplay, it would be something like this:

Raise an army and defeat your enemies. Crush their troops and base and earn great upgrades. Build bigger armies and take on bigger enemies. Use the power of mighty barbarians, ferocious dragons, powerful wizards and many more troops.

Once you have a large army, join a clan and become even more powerful than ever before. When you are tired of the single player content, you should switch to the multi-player content and defeat your friends. If you have the guts and the skills, you can choose to create your own clan and lead your troops to victory.

To be honest, the multiplayer mode is where the real fun is. You can connect to a social network and go against your friends in an all-out war. You can even join their clan and fight against other clans. Nothing really says carnage and massacre like hundreds of little troops killing each other.

However, it seems that there is one downside to the game. In order to play the game, you require a constant internet connection with the server. For many people, this will be a strong deterrent. However, I dare those people to play the game just once. A constant internet connection will mean nothing.

As far as visuals go, in a real time strategy (RTS) game, this game provides really beautiful visuals. To start with, the textures have been made to provide enough detail to make the world look beautiful without causing any performance drops.

Although, the level of detail given to the buildings is impressive, the characters could use a bit of sprucing up. You do not really see the level of detail until you actually zoom in to the actual character.

The sounds are truly pleasant. The game has sounds that complement the atmosphere, intensity of the game, the difficulty being played on and the duration of the game. Every character has a distinct weapon sound. For example, if you have a mage, you will be able to easily hear them channel their magic and unleash it onto troops and buildings.

For a game that has such amazing visuals, great particle effects and decent sound, it is able to put out very decent frame rates, providing an immersive yet smooth gaming experience. With the performance of most mobile devices, what more can you ask for?


Overall, this is a very nice game to play. It has some really nice graphics, complementary sound and a high level of playability, especially replayability. This is one game that all iPhone, iPod and iPad owners have to try.

 Graphics – 4/5
Sounds – 4/5
Playability – 5/5
Originality – 4/5
Overall – 4.25/5

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  1. Gameboy /

    The game looks really good!

  2. Spartan /

    This is my game.. WE ARE SPARTAAAAA!!!!

  3. Look interesting.

  4. Not a huge fan of RTS games as they require too much attention and drain too much of my time. This game actually caught me longer than expected. It could be the graphics, could be the good copywriting. Nothing really unique about the gameplay though.

  5. iOS Gamer /

    You won’t believe it, but I’ve created a mini TD with this. That drives my opponents crazy!

  6. Great video. I was really struggling with the creatures. The issue about such games, investments are permanent and there is no way of reversing (Unless, of course, there is an option to pay real cash for such options)

  7. Am I the only one tempted to play TD as well and this can satisfy the urge if I am crazy enough?


    Without a doubt, BEST GAME EVER!

  9. Over-rated. It is just the same kid in new clothes. Unless you are really into PVP, this will not give you a new experience. Pfft!

  10. rastafar-aye /

    An awesome thick yellow mustache is all the detail that I need for a foot-soldier!

  11. im a sucker for these types of games… and it sucks a lot of my time too.

  12. if we cant download these game in pc??
    Where i can find it and download it?

  13. If we free can download this game in pc and working in pc where i cant find this game in pc and download it?

    • I doubt this is a pc game. It is for the iPhone. If you have a Mac, they may have a version on the app store :)

  14. rayc1388 /

    Why update the software ,has not been able to play game??can you help me!!

  15. Not great AT ALL after the latest update… now is unplayable !!!
    1 star review in the appstore

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