Bottomless Pit Review– Hell has Never Been this Fun!

Sep 08

To all those that thought of hell as a bad place to go, where there is no fun at all, you obviously haven’t ever been in a managerial role! Torturing souls, ordering minions to catch souls and making other people do your dirty work has never been this fun.

Heaven and Hell are two places that all of us are familiar with, regardless of whether we believe in them or not. Heaven is a place good souls go to live their life in peace and happiness. Hell is a place bad souls go to be tormented for all eternity. All little boys and girls prayed that God gave them a place in Heaven and saved them from Hell. Just between you and me, you may want to rethink that for this game.

Even if you are a believer, this game will make you love hell, to some degree. You take the role as the manager of the dreaded underworld. When new souls come, you introduce them to their new home. Who are we kidding; you kick their spectral booty into damnation and torture them night and day. Best of all, you get paid for it. I mean, what more could you want?

You start with one level in hell. Here, you start to utilize your resources in order to attract other demons; basically hiring new employees. They will live in happiness in your fire and brimstone wonderland and torture the souls of internet trolls, bad clowns, bullies and more. We hope they will put in the souls of 9th grade mathematics teachers. Just saying, I never liked them.

As always, you can fuel your torturous funland with free content or even make in-app purchases to torture a greater number of souls faster than ever before. The mini games you get to play make this just that much better.

With so many advancements in the field of visual computing, you would think that a game released just recently would have some really great graphics. However, and thankfully, this doesn’t. Torturing souls in photorealistic visuals probably seems a little overkill. In fact, it may seem a little too gruesome, especially considering the 12+ rating.

Instead, you are given animated cartoon graphics that are well made, animated and detailed. It may not be next-gen mobile graphics but it really does work well with the theme. That is one major reason why torture is so fun in this game; it’s cute and cuddly yet wicked and painful. To all those girls that love cute little kittens so much, you want to smother and eat them; this is the game for you.

Horror games would suck if there were no creepy and eerie background music, spikes in volume and the cliché sound of pins dropping. For action games, you need head-banging music. In a game like this, you need great sound. After all, nothing says torture like the sounds of teeth being yanked, skulls being shattered and heads being split open. In essence, everything in Hell has its own little distinctive sound.

The sounds in Bottomless Pit can only be described as fun, entertaining and humorous. When you whack a soul or yank teeth out, you will know what I mean.

Given the level of detail that has been put into the visuals of the game, it does extremely well in terms of performance. Not only does this game work extremely well on recently launched devices, it works great on older devices too


Bottomless Pit is a great game. It combines reminiscent elements of Sim Tower and puts a great evil twist behind it. It lets you do things you normally could never dream of doing, torturing people, literally.  In all honesty, One Global Apps Inc. really does deserve all the praise and credit it is receiving. The game is fun to play, highly addictive and entertaining. I mean let’s face it, torturing souls can’t really ever get boring. Best of all, you get paid to torture the souls. What more could you want? Bottomless Pit is one game that every mobile device owner needs to play.

Graphics – 4/5

Sound – 5/5

Playability – 5/5

Originality – 4/5

Overall – 4.5/5

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  1. Gameboy /

    I’m gonna build myself 18 levels!

  2. Strawberry /

    When building upwards is too mainstream, digging downwards looks refreshing.

  3. Arlene Richardson /

    Hell does look cute in here. Now it is time to sin!

  4. I think the graphics are fine for 12+ rating. I mean, we can’t bring the rating of yesterday into today’s context ya?

  5. HELL IS FUN! /

    Ahhh, I enjoy hell so much, maybe I can stop praying :)

  6. Hades Minion /

    This is “What the HELL”!!! I think I am gonna love this game.

  7. Lol. Looks cute for a hell game.

  8. rastafar-aye /

    That’s one HELL of a game!!!

  9. Mighty damned fine version of the SIMS! This takes the seven levels of hell to a whole new different level. Kudos to the originality of the concept.

  10. one of those games that compels you to spend on micro transactions… I’ve always been a sucker for such.

  11. Cris Erikson /

    Damn hell of a good game (hehe)

  12. Bake MORE COOKIES /

    “Hell Yeah…” Thats all I can say.

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