Blood Brothers Review – Bathing in your Enemies’ Blood, Redefined

Sep 05

Mobage is known for releasing some truly great free games. Well, it seems they have released yet another great free title. This time, the game takes an addictive and fun RPG turn; one full of all the fantasy elements that will make your heart cringe, blood boil and make the emo demon slayer in you rise!

The story seems to be set in an fantasy era full of vampires, samurais, elves, apes, goblins, dwarven creatures, lizard creatures and, of course, knights. You take the role of a hero who has unfortunately (or so you think) been turned into a vampire.

Now, you go on a quest for vengeance and demolition. You embark on a quest to topple a mighty empire just to get the revenge you seek – seems legit. You capture mighty foes and use them to fight against the mighty empire. Then again, you could perform a ritual and take their powers for your own. I mean, don’t you embark on this quest for selfish reasons? Take their powers guys. Take it all!

Gameplay is truly where this game excels. This game, like any RPG, will keep you occupied for hours on end. You start the game as a high elf, knight, samurai, lizard man, dark elf, goblin, dwarf or even an elf. From there, you progress and kill your foes with a party of familiars (pets). You use them to fight the mighty empire and demolish your enemies with a slew of melee, range and magic attacks and even ninjutsu.

You slowly traverse new lands and demolish your enemies. You take their soldiers for your own and either take their powers (yaay!) or make them fight for you (booo!). Though, I would keep the really powerful and rare creatures. You can even customize your party the way you want to. This lets you battle your own way.

Although it may seem easy at the beginning, you need to remember that Blood Brothers, just like any other RPG, takes a little while to master. However, once you master the game, well, I’ll just let you imagine all the bloody bits.

The visuals in the game are not too epic but are not bad; they are average. However, the game does boast some pretty impressive effects. When you damage your enemies with a special attack, the effects really light up the screen. For example, when you perform “Torrent of Flame”, you literally see torrential flames burning your enemies into a crisp.


The animations in the game have also been done properly. You do not see a whole arm hack your enemies into pieces. You see their arm move with their blade, impale your enemy and possibly hack them into unidentifiable pieces.

The sounds really do bring the entire theme to life. Every slash is heard, every special move has it’s distinct sound. Heck, the bigger the sword, the bigger the sound of the slash. The music changes when you go from traversing the board to a battle. In my opinion, there are a lot of things that could be improved in terms of sound.

The level of detail is not exceptionally high in Blood Brothers. This may be so that more power could be given to the animations and the special effects. Though, this does come with a benefit; performance. Regardless of the mobile device you run the game on, Android or iOS-powered, this game performs exceptionally well.


Blood Brothers gives you decent visuals, nice sound, great playability (especially Replayability) and a really nice theme.  So the game really is a fun-filled and addictive game that will keep you occupied for hours. When we say that you can play the game for hours, consider this a warning. This game has the power to consumer your entire day. That is just how fun and addictive it can be, especially if you are an RPG lover. With thrilling combat, character collection and leveling and an interesting storyline, Blood Brothers is epic!

Graphics – 3/5

Sound – 4/5

Playability – 5/5

Originality – 4/5

Overall – 4/5

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  1. The poster art looks great. But kinda disappointing when I go in game :(

  2. After all the zombie and vampire themed games, finally we have one that still doing that deals with demons!

    Ironically refreshing.

  3. Kevin IS back /

    Am I the only one who feels that turnbased games are slow?

  4. Jerry Then /

    It is actually quite challenging to pick up early in the game. Not something easy for newbies.

    But once you have a good idea of how the game works, you will have so much fun!

  5. Ken Mcbrian /

    Is this a good game? Nope

    Is this a great game? HELL YEAH!

    What I love about this game, your characters come in classes. Not your regular mage, warrior, rouges and stuff, but in terms of species! True fantasy classic!

  6. Theory of A Deadman /

    I~ Can’t get you out of my head!

    Addiction: 10/10. Elves and Samurais in 1 game, what more can I expect?

  7. Bloody good game (pun intended)

  8. This game seems interesting!

  9. Jaye Wong /

    “Mobage is known for releasing some truly great free games”

    Is the game free? Maybe the reviewer should include the game pricing (not the in app purchases, but the game price).

    Tell me its not free, I only play $$$ games!! lol

  10. thanks for the recommendation! imma download this!

  11. Supernatural characters with an excellent and cute twist. I don’t mind if turn-based games are slow. I get challenged by strategies I can come up with every turn.

  12. Bakebeans Clan FTW! /

    Anybody still playing this game? ID PLEASE~~~

  13. JOTUNize /

    This game is awesome! I highly recommend it, it’s waaay too addicting >.<

    You can also get free items if you insert this invite code: 7Kvz4U. Unfortunately this bonus is only available for the Android OS :(

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